Top 5 GHOST Videos in Bangla That Will GIVE You The Tremble !!

Top 5 GHOST Videos in Bangla That Will GIVE You The Tremble !! 

YouTube user Top 5 Ghost Bangla continuously adding Top 5 Real Scary Videos into his channel, in the top 5 Ghost videos list he has added few real scary videos recently, I am adding his video description to the post for a better understanding if you wish you can directly visit his channel to see all of his really good contents.

User Top 5 Ghost Bangla added to his list a video recently posted by New York Times  

1. A shadow person caught on a Japanese CCTV camera.

2. Australian adventure ATV rider found real bigfoot, his friend caught the bigfoot on camera in Australia, called Gum Hill Forrest.

3. Two kids scared of some unseen force.

4. Two girls accidentally caught Possessed Doll on camera while they were recording the Cup Stacking game.

5. Well Known Gettysburg Ghost Sighting incident, as I have already posted other videos of Gettysburg Ghost Sighting in my previous video and now posting two more videos from Well Known sources like New York Post.

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