The Bose, India’s Best Kept Secret | Netaji’s Mystery with Unknown Facts

The Bose, India’s Best Kept Secret | Netaji’s Mystery with Unknown Facts

In Todays video I’ll tell you about the way we Neglected the Netaji and the Mystery of his Life, I hope these are Unknown Facts to you. The mystery of what happened to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and the way did he die continues to persist, even seventy five years once he purportedly perished in Associate in an air crash in Taipei. Justice MK Mukherjee, commission to inquire regarding the final word fate of Netaji, rumored (in 2005) that he failed to die within the questionable air crash, the commission couldn’t conclude regarding his final fate.

Gumnami Baba, a questionable holy person lived in Faizabad (the twin town of Ayodhya) from the Sixties onward until 1987 once he died. Gumnami Baba lived in isolation and he had a few of disciples who believed that he was Netaji living incognito.

Who was Gumnami Baba?

Three years past, a commission originated by the UP government to work out Nations agency Gumnami Baba was, submitted its report. although the report is unbroken covert, several feel that Gumnami Baba was place up by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) to confuse matters. Then IB director BN Mallik (who served within the high workplace for 2 decades) was on the point of Jawaharlal Nehru. He place up varied holy men at varied places to masquerade as Netaji during a political move that might profit Jawaharlal Nehru.

At that point there have been rumors that Netaji was out of sight within the Soviet Union. it had been feared that he may land in Asian nation and his presence would destabilise the political set-up within the country. Gumnami and alternative babas would in this case rise and build their own claims to confuse matters. Gumnami Baba proven to be the foremost everlasting of all the holy person set-up. Others like Shaulmari Baba who lived in Associate in ashram on the point of Farakka, was discovered to be a refugee from Bangladesh.

Than what happen to Netaji? Lets get started…..


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