Smell like Davidoff Cool Water with Almas Cool Weather Floral Attar

I’m going to talk about a fragrance oil, which smells very close to Davidoff cool water. I think Davidoff cool water is a legendary fresh and aquatic fragrance that is very old in the market, and it is not unique anymore.  However, there are people who still love this one; they still love to wear this, and it definitely suits Indian weather, so the fragrance oil or the author that I am talking about is from a brand called Alma’s. They have named it as cool weather, almas cool weather attar. I have seen somewhere that Almas as a brand is No. 1 Exporter of Organic Perfumes in India. You can easily find this online in Tuccho Community Marketplace or Flipkart, may be edp available on nykaa though I have not searched for it and almas cool weather costs about 135 to 200 Rs. depending on the seller. 

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Products from the davidoff, cool water is the fresh aquatic with some mint as top note, some people say quintessential ocean fragrance. Then it has some cedarwood in the background, this is very very close to that one it smells about 90 to 95 percent similar to Davidoff cool water eau.  So I can say loudly that Smell like davidoff cool water cool water eau de with Almas-Cool Weather floral attar. Still, the only benefit is this lasts, even more, longer than Davidoff cold water, and it also projects even better than Davidoff cool water. More importantly it is an organic perfume, which gives you intense freshness.  The product comes in the packaging with an 8 ml bottle with the roll-on here, so you will have to open this, and you will find another lid which covers the top, so you have to remove that and then fix this roll-on if you want to apply it as a roll-on. I usually prepare perfume sprays from Almas Cool-weather; as it is very strong, I only use about 16 ml oil which means, I buy two bottles of this, and then I add about 84 percent ethanol to that to make it a hundred ml bottle. Because it is already very strong, and 16 ml of oil is more than enough to make it a good lasting one.  I have already described how exactly you add ethanol to the fragrance oil, but if you want to use it as a roll-on, you can definitely buy this and directly use it as a roll-on.  If you like the fresh aquatic fragrance, I would highly recommend this one. This is a fantastic fragrance for such a reasonable price do not miss out on this one if you like fresh aquatic scent.  I usually use this for gin because it has been very famous in my office. I was using these two years back. People used to ask me to compliment me on which one I’m wearing, and many people ended up buying this one. I usually wear it to the gym these days, and even in the gym, not surprising, I still get compliments in the gym as well, so if you like fresh aquatic fragrances, definitely try this one. 

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It’s easily available in Tuccho Community Marketplace or Flipkart these days. Range of perfumes edt are available in Online stores like Tuccho nowadays. Once you buy and try this and discover a new aromatic collection blended, let me know how you feel because I feel this is 90 to 95 percent close to Davidoff cool water. I instead call this as an EDP version of David of cool water.

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As title describes Tuccho is Community Marketplace, you can always discuss, contact and talk about a product with sellers or other members who have already using a product, that will definitely boost your confidence before purchasing products.

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Smell like DAVIDOFF COOL WATER with Almas Cool Weather perfume oil

I think Davidoff cool water is a legendary fresh fragrance that is very old in the market, Almas cool weather is 90 to 95 % close to Davidoff cool water..

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