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No.1 Post Office Scheme: Get Rs. 3,300 by investing Rs. 50,000 once.

Don’t want to take risks? If you want a guaranteed profit, find out about this post office scheme.

Post Office Scheme:

If you are a joint account holder, you can keep a maximum of 9 lakh rupees in this scheme, a maximum of three joint accounts can be opened under this scheme.

New Delhi: Unlike private banks, there is no risk of bankruptcy. The Post Office is still the place of trust for the common man. (India Post) Investors can see the face of profit by keeping money in India Post’s Monthly Income Scheme (MIS).


What is this Monthly Income Scheme?

Depositors can invest in the category of 100 or 1000 under this post office scheme. However, India Post has a condition in this regard. Where mentioned, a person can put a maximum of Rs 4.5 lakh in this scheme alone. If you are a joint account holder, you can keep a maximum of Rs 9 lakh in this scheme. A maximum of three joint accounts can be opened under this scheme.

Minimum deposit of Rs. 1000

In this scheme, the depositor can take interest money every month. That is why it is called Monthly Income Scheme (MIS). This interest can be obtained on the basis of simple interest. This interest is available every year. However, if a person wants to take that interest every month, he will not get money at the interest rate of the year. In that case, he will get less money.

Post Office Scheme

Maturity period is 5 years

The maturity period of this scheme is 5 years. However, the customer will not be able to withdraw money if the scheme is not valid for one year. In addition, if the depositor withdraws money within 1-3 years of investment, 2% of the capital will be deducted. If for any reason the depositor wants to withdraw money within 3-5 years, the post office authorities will deduct 1 percent of the capital.

Depositor to get at least Rs. 275 as interest every month

If someone puts Rs 50,000 in a Post Office (MIS) scheme, he will get Rs 265 per month. The interest will be 3300 rupees every year. If a person does not withdraw money in this scheme for 5 years, he will get interest of Rs. 18,500. Similarly, if a depositor puts Rs. 4.75 lakh in this scheme, he will get interest of Rs. 2475 rupees will enter his house as interest every month. If you keep that money for five years, the investor will get only interest, Rs 1,46,500.

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