Oh, Snap! Internet’s New Abstract Challenge Has ‘Clicked’ With TikTok

Screenshots from video uploaded by TikTok user @saffronmorriz.

Screenshots from video uploaded by TikTok user @saffronmorriz.

A camera is all you need to complete the new TikTok challenge.

The ongoing lockdown has given rise to many TikTok challenges. These challenges are not only fun but are also an effective way to deal with the boredom that the lockdown brings along.

The latest challenge that is going viral is a delight for all photographers out there. A camera is all you need.

In order to be a part of this challenge, you will have to go to your camera settings wherein the option for exposure mode needs to be turned on. It also needs to be ensured that the number of shots is two or more.

After that, the person taking the challenge can go anywhere and click pictures. The deal, however, is that the photos need to be clicked in a different angle but at the same place.

Here is a look at few of the trippy entries:

Meanwhile, another challenge that has spread like wildfire on social media is the Doodle Challenge. For taking part in this challenge you will need a partner. As the name suggests, the challenge is about doodling but there is a twist to it.

A sheet of paper is attached to one person’s back, and another sheet of paper is stuck on the wall. The second person has to doodle anything they feel like on the paper stuck on the first person’s back, while that person has to recreate the same doodle on the paper put on the wall.

The recreation must be done by feeling the movement of the pen on the back.


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